world1 W1S1 [wə:ld US wə:rld] n
1¦(our planet/everyone on it)¦
2 in the world
3¦(the society we live in)¦
4¦(group of countries )¦
5¦(time in history)¦
6¦(somebody's life and experiences)¦
7¦(area of activity/work)¦
10¦(another planet)¦
11¦(something is very different)¦
12 the outside world
13 the material world
14 for all the world as if/as though/like
15 out of this world
16 do somebody a world of good
17 in a world of your own/in your own little world
18 mean the world to somebody/think the world of somebody
19 somebody would give the world to do something
20 be/feel on top of the world
21 be a man/woman of the world
22 not for the world
23 the world is your oyster
24 have the world at your feet
25 go up/come down in the world
26 set the world on fire/alight
27 set/put the world to rights
28 the Michael Jacksons/Mother Teresas/Microsofts etc of this world
29 think the world owes you a living
30 (think that) the world revolves around you
31 the world and his wife
32 come into the world
33 bring a child into the world
34 somebody is not long for this world
35¦(normal life)¦
[: Old English; Origin: woruld 'human existence, this world, age']
the world
the ↑planet we live on, and all the people, cities, and countries on it
Tuberculosis is still common in some parts of the world .
At that time China was the most powerful country in the world .
the world's tallest building
The Taj Mahal attracts visitors from around the world .
Students from all over the world come to study at Oxford.
Children are the same the world over .
The book has been published throughout the world .
There is nothing quite like it anywhere in the world .
Europe's relationship with the rest of the world
I decided to take a year off to travel the world .
a crime that shocked the world
2.) in the world
used to emphasize what you are saying
the happiest/most exciting etc ... in the world
I'm the luckiest man in the world!
Bali is my favourite place in the whole world .
Off he went, without a care in the world (=not be worried about anything at all) .
Nothing in the world (=nothing at all) can save them now.
Don't worry, we've got all the time in the world (=plenty of time so you do not need to hurry) .
what/who/where/how etc in the world ...?
(=used when you are very surprised or annoyed)
What in the world are you doing here at seven in the morning?
3.) ¦(THE SOCIETY WE LIVE IN)¦ [singular]
the society that we live in, the way people behave, and the kind of life we have
Parents want a better world for their children.
the world
The world is being transformed by information technology.
You had to go into politics if you wanted to change the world.
in an ideal/perfect world
(=used to say how you would like things to be)
In an ideal world, we would be able to recycle everything.
the real world
(=the way life really is, not how people would like it to be or imagine it)
In the real world, things are never quite so simple.
what is the world coming to?
(=used to say that you do not like the way society is changing)
Five pounds just to park your car! I don't know what the world's coming to.
4.) ¦(GROUP OF COUNTRIES )¦ [singular]
a particular group of countries
the Western/Arab etc world
the highest unemployment rate in the Western world
the English-speaking world
agricultural practices in the developing world
the economies of the industrialized world
5.) ¦(TIME IN HISTORY)¦ [singular]
a particular period in history
the modern/ancient world
the peoples of the ancient world
the world of ...
the world of the Ancient Greeks
the life and experiences of a particular person or group of people
world of
the world of children
The diary gives us an insight into Hemingway's world.
7.) ¦(AREA OF ACTIVITY/WORK)¦ [C usually singular]
a particular area of activity or work, and the people who are involved in it
the world of politics/business/work etc
She knew little about the world of politics.
the art/business/academic etc world
personalities from the sporting world
the natural/animal/plant world
all of nature, or all animals or plants considered as a group
the wonders of the natural world
9.) ¦(PLACE/SITUATION)¦ [C usually singular]
a particular kind of place or situation, especially one that someone describes or which you imagine
world of
the nightmare world of Orwell's novel 1984
a world of lies and secrecy
a place like the Earth in another part of the universe where other things may live
strange creatures from another world
used in the following phrases to emphasize that something is very different
There's a world of difference between the US and Europe.
I realized we were still worlds apart (=very different, especially concerning your ideas, opinions etc ) .
It was a world away from (=completely different from) the grand hotels she was used to.
12.) the outside world
the people who live outside a particular place or country - used when the people of that place or country do not often meet other people
Prisoners have little contact with the outside world.
be cut off from/closed to/isolated from the outside world
Parts of the country have been virtually closed to the outside world for 20 years.
13.) the material world
real things, rather than ideas and beliefs
Is the material world all that exists?
14.) for all the world as if/as though/like
literary exactly as if or exactly like
She sat reading her paper, looking for all the world as if nothing had happened.
15.) out of this world informal
extremely good, enjoyable etc
The graphics and sounds are out of this world.
16.) do sb a world of good
to be very good for someone's health or mental state
A bit of fresh air and exercise will do her a world of good.
17.) in a world of your own/in your own little world
used to say that someone seems to spend a lot of time thinking or imagining things, and does not seem to notice what is happening around them
She was a shy child who seemed to live in a world of her own .
18.) mean the world to sb/think the world of sb
if someone or something means the world to you, or if you think the world of them, they are very important to you and you love or respect them very much
Lee thinks the world of that dog.
19.) sb would give the world to do sth
used to say that someone would like to do something very much
He would give the world to see her again.
20.) be/feel on top of the world informal
to feel extremely happy
21.) be a man/woman of the world
to be someone who has had many experiences and is not easily shocked
22.) not for the world
used to emphasize that you would not do something
I wouldn't hurt her for the world .
I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
23.) the world is your oyster
there is no limit to the opportunities that someone has
If you've got a good education, the world is your oyster.
24.) have the world at your feet
a) to be very famous, popular, or successful
In those days the band had the world at their feet.
b) to be in a position where you have the chance to become very successful
a bright young lad with the world at his feet
25.) go up/come down in the world
to move to a higher or lower position in society
He's gone up in the world a bit since I knew him at college.
26.) set the world on fire/alight
spoken to have a big effect or be very successful
Her last film didn't exactly set the world on fire.
27.) set/put the world to rights
to discuss or say how the world should be changed to make people's lives better
We were having a few beers and generally putting the world to rights.
28.) the Michael Jacksons/Mother Teresas/Microsofts etc of this world
spoken used to talk about a particular kind of person or group, by using one person or group as an example
The US team is new to the soccer scene, and can't expect to beat the Brazils of the world.
29.) think the world owes you a living
to think that you should not have to work and that other people will provide you with everything you need - used to show disapproval
30.) (think that) the world revolves around you
to think that you are the most important person and everyone else should only be interested in making sure that you have what you want - used to show disapproval
31.) the world and his wife
BrE everyone or anybody - used when you want to emphasize that a lot of people do something or anyone can do something
It seemed that the world and his wife had come to Madrid.
32.) come into the world
literary to be born
33.) bring a child into the world
literary to have a baby, or help a baby to be born
34.) sb is not long for this world
literary used to say that someone is likely to die soon
35.) ¦(NORMAL LIFE)¦
the world
normal life in society, as opposed to a religious way of life, especially in a ↑monastery etc
She renounced the world and entered a convent.
best of both worlds atbest3 (7)
be dead to the world atdead1 (9)
it's not the end of the world atend1 (19)
COLLOCATES for sense 1
a part of the world
the highest/most powerful etc in the world
the world's oldest/tallest etc ...
around the world
all over the world/the world over (=everywhere in the world)
throughout/across the world (=everywhere in the world)
anywhere in the world
the rest of the world
the whole/entire world
see/travel the world (=travel to many different countries)
world 2
world2 adj [only before noun]
1.) existing in, involving, or affecting all or most countries in the world
the World Cup/Championships etc
(=a competition involving people from many countries)
He won the world title in 2001.
the reigning Formula One world champion
world trade/economy etc
the impact of the crisis on the world economy
→↑world war
2.) a world figure is one of the most important people in the world
a meeting of world leaders
a world authority on climate change

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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